Furthest into the world’s longest and deepest fjord, crushed between mountains 5000 feet tall lays Skjolden. An hour east and you are at the feet of northern Europe’s tallest mountain peaks. An hour north and you are standing on Europe’s largest glacier.

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Skjolden is situated at the very end of Sognefjorden, at the feet of Jotunheimen and Josterdalen national park. The dramatic yet still hospitable nature makes the area considered one of the world’s most breathtaking destinations. Skjolden has a population of 350, and it’s still a rather unknown destination among tourists. Its uniquely placed location makes it the perfect basecamp for an almost endless range of tris and activities.

Mountain climbing

Not much beats the feeling of successfully climbing a mountain! Skjolden is the ultimate base camp, being at the foot of northern Europe’s tallest mountain peaks. Choose between dramatic mountain terrain in Jotunheimen or green valleys in Sognefjorden. It’s an almost endless number of both marked and unmarked hikes no matter your fitness level.

Glacier walks

For many visitors, the most memorable experience is walking on Europe’s largest glacier. You can both walk and Kayak to the foot of the glacier before you climb it. Are you coming during the winter season you can even walk into the spectacular ice caves!


Northern Europe’s favorite destination for summer skiing. The worlds best cross country skiers come here every year to extend the season all the way into July. If you prefer Skimontaineering (alpine ski touring) you have come to the right place. We can even help organizing helicopter transport from right outside the docks of Skjolden.

Mountain biking

No matter if you are an adrenaline junky wanting to ride the detaining trails in Sogndal and Molden or you prefer a romantic ride in flat terrain along the beautiful fjord Skjolden got you covered.


Both Salmon and Trout are located in the local river called Floane (only meters from the residence). You can also catch everything from Cod and Mackerel to the legendary arctic crayfish (professional chefs prefer it over lobster) right outside the docs.

Kayaking & rafting

Discover the glacier by paddling through Styggevannet and Austdalvatnet. Or raft down the bone chilling rivers towards Sognefjorden. Or simply paddle the legendary Sognefjord. This is the worlds longest and deepest fjord.

UNESCO’s Stave Church

Urnes Stave Church is Norways oldest and is listed on the UNESCO world heritage list. Combine a vistit to the church with a romantic bike ride, kayak or motor boat tour. Near by the church there is also the charming little town Feigom that serves both food and beverage. A short hike from Feigom and you reach the majestic waterfall Feigefossen with it’s 750 feet drop that will cool you down with it’s artic mist.


Local guides will take you on guided trips on the fjord with powerful motorboats. They make multiple stops where they show you local sights and tell exiting stories about everything from hunted asylums to the way people lived (and still lives) in this very demanding terrain.


Join us and experience the magnificent Lustrafjord, the inner part of Sognefjord, with its steep mountains and waterfalls at close range on this tour. The adventure takes you on an unforgettable expedition in a secure and rigid inflatable boat (RIB) into the Norwegian fjord landscape. Feel the breeze in your hair and relax to music from the stereo, while you enjoy beautiful views of the fjord, mountains and waterfalls.

How to get here

From Oslo Airport there is a five hour drive on spectacularly scenic roads. If you travel from Oslo, Bergen or Trondheim it’s also approximately a five hour drive.


We stayed here for 3 nights in one of the appartments. What a lovely view from the large terrace! The appartment has everything you need for a comfortable stay!! Very clean as well. Good location if you like to go out for a hike.
Sarah P. (Tripadvisor)
We were 8 friends that spend 4 nights here. The apartment was clean, nicely furnished, 2 TVs, dishwasher and a beautiful outside with two large terraces. It's a 15 min drive to Turtagrø and fairly close to Jostedalen! A beautiful place that I can recommend to everybody!
Bjørn Erik (Tripadvisor)
We stayed for 14 nights and got instead of app. F which we booked the penthouse :). You can't wish for more. Nice appartement with all you can wish. The view is just perfect. Glaciers, mountains and enough to do in the area. The staff is more than helpful and friendly.
Ron (Tripadvisor)
The Netherlands
The apartments are built right over the fiord with a terrace with a fantastic panoramic view. We had rented an apartment for 4 people but we were upgraded to one for 5 people. The apartments are spacious, well-furnished and with a well-equipped kitchen and everything is clean and nice. (..)
Gottrup (Tripadvisor)

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